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Report 01 März 16, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.

Greeting to You all!
Although my web log is still far from being completed I decided to make my first entry anyway.
It will be in English, although I intend to make two additional pages in German and Polish, but for that, I will have to find out how that works, first, so ,for now, this should do the trick.
At the moment, I’m still doing all the packing stuff, f.e deciding which clothes to take along with me, which books
and so on. That’s no big deal and going fine.
What is not going fine is the fact that i still haven’t got my visa.
Why is that? Is it because I’m chaotic? Lazy? NO! It’s because I’ve only gotten my so called “Certificate of Eligibility” just yesterday.
This is hilarious, because everyone else, that is, everyone who is no living in a hick town somewhere in the backward Swabian Alps,
got it over two days earlier. Yes, it was all by “express, certified mail”.
So, where’s the problem now?
Simple, at the Japanese consulate in Munich they told me something like, oh, normally ,it takes about 5 days (guess what, next Friday is,
of cause, a holyday ,as well as the Monday after that, my flight is on, oh yes ,Tuesday…..) but we might get that ready in time, on Thursday.
Wonderful, I was just about to relax after the stress of buying stuff which will last me for a year,
moving back from Munich almost by myself, having my car crashed (although absolutely not by my fault….),
having stupid people racking my nerves for no particular reason,
the house we’re still living in is getting renovated each morning and I still at this precise moment have to write a term paper for Chinese Studies.
So, tomorrow, on my 23th birthday, after having awaken at 6.30 o’clock, I will rush to Munich in order to apply for a visa.
Than, after having been told to wait I will, probably very tired and desperate, return to hick city Münsingen and pray to
GOD that they’ll make it in time.
I will probably not sleep very well for reason of uncertainty.
Probably it will turn out fine in the end, but well, it’s my mental health you know.
If not, than I can’t delay my flight either. Either I loose the paid money OR I try my luck as an illegal immigrant.
A asked the guy at the consulate on the phone out of curiosity if the Japanese authorities would arrest me in that case.
He answered me that no ,but that I would most likely have to return to Germany in order to obtain a visa.
Well, planed everything in advance and it turned out like this, without my fault.
I mean, if an express letter goes from Japan to Germany, wouldn’t it be normal to assume it will arrive in the whole of Germany at nearly the same
time? Not I have the trouble for them being slow (it’s an EXPRESS, certified letter, for GOD’s sake!)
It is difficult to express my utmost HATRED for the DEUTSCHE POST.
ever since you’ve gotten privatized words can not express how slow you’ve turned.
I wonder if you could be any slower, I guess not, and for this, Deutsche Post, I salute you.



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