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Report 03 März 24, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.

Well, tomorrow’s the big day,
at precisely 11.35 a.m I will border on the British Airways plane in direction to London,
from there, at about 14 o’clock, we will border on the next flight which will take horrible
12 hours…..
The problem is, I am quite afraid of flying,I guess. It’s irrational because the possibility
to get killed in a car crash (or,alternatively run over by an idiot) is many times higher….Well,be that as it may, after
all I went through to come this far (including having to do all the necessary shopping) I would be
extremly crossed about dying a an airplane crash. You have propably already guessed that I don’t fly very often.
Last time I flew somewhere was that flight back in 2000 or so in direction to Krakow with exactly the same Swiss Airways plane that
somewhen later fatally crashed near Zurich.
I remember nothing of if because I took advantage of the bar. About a bottle of wine,I think,for a 2 hour flight.
Theoretically I would have to drink about six bottles to calm my nerves and, thankfully, pass out after two and,hopefully,
awake in Japan,sober,because the Immigration or whatever office is taking a picture of you and
your fingerprints (which propably means that I should wear gloves and cover my face when commiting a crime in Japan)
And besides, I would consider it very inpolite myself if s.o arrived in my country and, instead of saying anything useful or nice,
Well,somehow I will have to overcome that anxiousness. Keep Your fingers crossed,please!



1. becky - März 25, 2008

und? wie isses? angekommen? Freude?

huiiii… geniesse die Zeit, geh ganz viel Shoppen (100yen-shop sind goil!) und schlaf dich aus! 😉

Ganz liebe Grüße aus dem verschneiten, kalten Schland! 🙂


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