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Report 04 März 27, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.
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Hello back!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any internet until today so here’s a short reaccount of what

happened yesterday.About what has happed today I will write tomorrow and,hopefully,from there on regularily and always more or less up to date.

First something about my flight. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.To be honest,it was great.

The flight to London was…well, the weather was so terrible they had a layer of anti-frost spray

put onto the wings. For dinner there were two pre-packed pieces of sandwich (something containing chutney,cheddar,vegetables)

which I enjoyed very much,tea or coffee and a biscuit covered with chocolate.

The landing was….not so pleaseant, we had some turbulencies but I have to admit, London is really vast and interesting even from above.

We landed in Heathrow where we had to walk for about 25 minutes to get to our next flight in direction to Tokyo.

At the security check we had to remove even our shoes for fear of a terroristic attack. The interesting thing is, I have never before seen so many orthodox Jews gathered at one place in my live (they are quite easy to recognize,at least the men….).

The flight to Tokyo was in a very huge Boeing maschine. I had a place at the window and was seated next to a Scot and a Japanese.

The Scot turned out to be a very talkative guy who is working as a navigator for Shell and was heading to Guam because of his job.

I would like to spend some words about the service. It was really ok. First, there was a Japanese-style meal (I took the beef-teriyaki)

later, the Scot ordered a big drink and got 2 small bottles of Gin along with 2 small cans of tonic and so did I.

Gone was my anxiety concerning flying. Later on, I helped myself to some more.

At about 7 o’clock the lights were turned of and the windows where covered and,after all the Gintonic,sleeping was no contest.

This is probably the reason I’ve forgotten to get a jetlag.

To see Japan from above is really something to write home about and the landing was smooth and pleaseant.

At the Narita airport,we were photographed and had our fingerprints taken,but this didn’t take long and the attendants were

quite polite.We got our baggage,went throught customs and were picked up by a Japanese girl whose nickname is Hanna.

She seed to it that our baggage was given to a special service company who specialized itself to deliver such baggage to f.e hotels, afterwards she took us three along with her to Saitama with the railways.

That took us 2 hours. Afterwards,we were greeted by Akashi-sensei, who is our patron,given some pieces of information concerning the next days and lead to our rooms.

About my room there will be more later,it is really special,I would rather compare it to a classy hotel room…

Later on, we went to the „7“, a supermarket and bought some food and to the Japanese version of Idea which is called „Crainz Home“

(perhaps it was meant to be „Heinz“?) to buy some basic equipement like shampoo. I have not only bought that, but also 24 cans of green tea for about 8 Euro an a lan cable,a cup,chopsticks,a plate and a dustbin. Yes, they really have a lot of stuff You might need when moving to Japan for some time.

Afterwards, we rewarded our guide, Hanna with some things I have bought back in Germany,3 bars of chocolate (partially melted because of the higher temperature in Japan….but,hey,it has traveled over 15000 km,that’s something worth mentioning…), a Faber Castel mechanical pencil and a „Gaigel Binokel“ (a card game with drawings in the Württembergian tradition).I think she liked it,I mean,she gave me her e-mail adress,so we might stay in touch.

So,this was all for Wednesday,more is still to come,so stay tuned!