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Report 06 März 31, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.

Did You know that? Sparrows are tasty!

This Saturday (29.03) our patron,profesor of German studies, took me,my two compagnons,another professor and some students who are learning German toa bar in Hanno so that we could get to know each other better.Its name is „Ogaramura“ and it is located near the Hanno railwaystation.

If You are in Hanno,please visit it cause it’s totally worth it. It is a rather traditional place where you are supposed to take off your shoes at

the entrance and leave them there.But thats not all. You have to sit on the heightened tatami-covered floor on thin pillow which,after some

time,gave me a hard one (I mean, how long can You sit on your knees without moving significantly?).

The tables in front of you are also very low,the walls are covered with red lampignons and broad paperstripes where the different things you can order are written with ink and a brush.The waiters are wearing kimono-styled dresses and head-as well as waistbands.

I imagine the mid-nineteenth century Edo to be a place with partly this atmosphere.

Our patron wanted to give us a taste of the real Japan and I think he totally suceeded.

We were free to order what we wanted so there was a lot of beer and my newly discovered favorite beverage (I’ve forgotten the exact name but it was) green applejuice with sake. I think it didn’t contain that much alcohol because I kept ordering it diligently and was still very far away from being drunk when we left at approximatly 12. pm.Or perhaps I already have enought practice :-).

Be that as it may, we also ordered a lot of food.Normal stuff,like okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake),all kinds of grilled meat on spits, raw fish (unfortunately I hate tako (octopus) and ika (calamari) as well es ebi (pawn),cooked or raw,because there was more of it on the plate than what i love,f.e raw thuna) and special stuff: raw horse meat (which is very,very delicious) and, prepare yourselves: yaki suzune (grilled sparrows with sauce).

sparrows grilled

I was the one who ordered it. I know, it might, to someone,seem pretty sick or at least unusual. Unusual was what I had asked for so there

it was. 5 sparrows (with their complete heads still in place), each on its own spit,covered with sauce.

I looked at them,they looked back on me with their empty eyesockets.

So I asked our patron what to do with them. He told me to just eat up everything and gave me a demonstration by eating one himself.

Then,I took one,grinned at it and,yes,I ate it. Everybody was watching me with disbelieve.The bones broke easyly under my jaws,the bone-marrow along with the,I think,brain or what was left after the grilling,gave it a very refined taste.

Apart from drinking and eating we also talked a lot.

I practice my Japanese and learned a lot about f.e the history of the Surugadai University (which I am going to post on my blog somewhen later) and campus life.

We were talking the whole time and,after we were returned to our residencial accomodation I had the wish that it had lasted a little bit longer (until dawn,for example,but that’s always the case with pleasant things).But, I’m looking forward to the next time we will be doing something like this again.





1. Julia Klein - März 31, 2008

*g* die Spatzen kenn ich ^^ Hab mich aber damals zurückgehalten… XD
Wie gefällts dir denn jetzt so in Hanno? Hast du dich schon eingelebt?
Viele liebe Grüße aus der Heimat 🙂

Und Grüße auch an Hernn Akashi ^^

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