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Report 08 April 8, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.
Wow,I just got to know how many visitors were on the „Tokyo Anime Fair“,about 127.000,me being one of them!
I’m utterly amazed…….but ok,let’s get back to the topic.
Last Thursday, I went to see one of the,if not the,biggest anual event in the whole of Japan,the „Hanami“. (I have to apologize for the video beeing to wiggly but as I don’t have a camera man or,yet,a fitting tripod…)

The word itself ist derived from „hana“ meaning blossom or flower and „mi“,derived from „miru“,to see.
This is such an important happening that the information,were and when in Japan (of cause,the time for the cherryblossoms to bloom is different depending on the geographical location) is given on national television.It is called the „Sakura zensen“,the cerry-blossom front.
I have seen that on TV,it does pretty much look like a meterological map,just it’s about the Japanese cherry tree.
The funny thing is, this tree doesn’t,despite its name,bear any edible fruit at all. The tradition/practice of flower viewing is very old,it dates back for at least several hundreds of years and was,probably, imported as a custom from China during the course of the 8th century (although there is a slight possibilitiy that,as according to old scriptures like the Nihonshoki,it even happend during the 3th century a.c).
Propably because it therefore is a very old tradition there it has a huge impact on Japanese Culture,f.e „Sakura“ is also a given name and there are several folk songs about the cherry blossom.
How long those this festival last?
Only for about a week. During this time you can see crowds of people (families,friends or even whole compagnies) visiting nearby parks and picknicking under the blossoming trees. Often,there are stands were you can buy food,shrines,like the Yasukuni shrine I also went to that day,are offering „kyougen“ („mad speach“,traditional,comical Japanese theater) performances or other attractions
and of cause pictures are taken.
Like this ones:
    Hanami 2008           Hanami 2008

I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed it very much. I myself went to a park near the Yasukuni Shrine
so that why I went there,too) and it was gorgous. I would say that this is something I would be pleased to have in Europe,too,as
well as this kind of raven? which I would like to show You because it really made me laught.
The ones who have to clean that up probably don’t find it nearly as hilarious as I do
but nevermind.



















1. pana - April 8, 2008

Premium Home Video + Japan-Kurs! Voll cool! Und wie war’s am/im Yasukuni Schrein??
Liebe Grüße, Pana

2. Karim - April 18, 2008

oh my god, what a crazy magpie…

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