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Report 12 Mai 14, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.
Yesterday I participated in another „nomikai“ with students who are learning (or interested in) German.
Luckily,I did know about it in advance (althought only by chance…a Japanese friend of mine ran into me and asked if I too would be there…of cause,I wouldn’t want to miss that for all the tea in China….) so that I didn’t eat anything to have some room left for the tasty Japanese specialities served at such places.

This one took place at „Murasaki“ (a „izakaya“ not far away from the Hanno Main Station) and lasted from 5.30 p.m until the restaurant closed at about 1 am and we left.

God,that was totally worth it.

Japanese drinks are very nice,You can actually drink a LOT of them without getting really drunk or having a nasty hang-over the next day.

(Or perhaps we European students just have a lot of practice,too? )

If You are in Japan and do not visit a an „izakaya“ it’s like not having been in Japan at all I think.

Some of us went for some more fun (propably Karaoke….) but I and my two

European fellow students took a taxi-ride home because we had some lessons today. Well, to be honest, I nearly overleapt but somehow managed to get up nethertheless,propably because I fell out of my bed trying to make my

alarm-clock shut up.

Than I went to the lesson, wrote a Kanjitest which (I found) was pretty easy,afterwards I went to Hanno in order to buy myself some

decent Baseball equipement,a glove,shoes with spikes and a cap (yes,I’m a girl and I’m doing Baseball for sports…more about that later 🙂 ).

The cap is the one „Twenty-one“ (my Baseball circle) uses and was a „sabisu“ (a service,meaning a freebie). With the glove I also got a „sabisu“: Normally,when you buy a good one (one made of leather) its pretty hard in the beginning.So,in order to make it more user-friendly it is sprayed with silicone and,one could say, „baked“ in a special oven. Afterwards the store-clerk puts it on and beats into the palm with a round-headed wooden club causing the glove to bend.

About the shoes: They look pretty cool,unfortunately you can’t use them for anything else then runnning around on a Baseball court  (or generally on gras).


So,that was ist for today,stay tuned until Sunday when I will go to see an actual Sumo match!





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