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This is how it goes… Mai 25, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Updates.

To be honest,I wanted to finish the article about Sumo this weekend.

It didn’t happen,basically because my computer went offline for unknown reasons yesterday.

 Today I’ve  uploaded some videos/pictures on a.e youtube (check out username: easychan….) and wanted to start writing the articles right after having finished a little bit of reading (for the moment I’m reading among others some comics to,at least,get away from textbook Japanese….) when I realized that my electronic dictionary (denshi jisho) had decided to die on me.Yes,indeed,it’s broken,G*d,am I p*ssed of right now. So I spent the next 2 hours reading reviews for denshi jishos and comparing prices (in Jap.).So,that was basically my day.

The article will therefore have to wait,first I need a new denshi jisho. Probably I will just get the same model,most propably in Akihabara.



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