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I can’t believe it… Juni 8, 2008

Posted by Izabela in Misc.

I…can’t….believe….it.No,really,I haven’t thought seriously that I would make it.

40 km,a 14 hour march with a about 8 kg heavy backpack.Totally sober.

And I did even score quite well,I think. At the Fureai House (a meeting place for students in Iruma (2 stations away from the university) belonging to the Surugadai University) every arrival had to sign a score-list and I was the 13th student (apart from the staff members) arriving at 10.53 am today.I mean,in school,I sucked at nearly every sport (except anything connected with strength…).

Funny thing,just 2 hours ago,in Tokorozawa,I thought that I was going to give up due to spreading pain in both of my legs.

Someone there gave me,let’s call it,a foot massage (rather a stroking…) causing the pain in my right leg to emigrate to my left one.

But I kept going because I was suddenly curious how far I could get.So,there I was,in Iruma,where we where given some iced tea and Ramen.I was told that my two co-students had already returned by car to our student’s residence some 2 hours ago leaving me as the only representant of our alma mater.So I buckeled up whatever strenght I could find and was one of the first to leave Iruma in direction to Hanno.

6 km to go,still.At first,a cramp appeared in my left food,so I tugged it along with me looking like a cripple.After some time I managed to regain about 60% of my left foot’s functionality and 80% of my right one’s.G-d,that hurt.I reached the residents and was about to go/get somehow to my room when I heard from someone that there was still something left to do.I just catched the last part of what he was saying and understood „bowle“. Some alcohol would definitivly help to lessen the pain a liitle bit.So,still with my backpack on I somehow managed to climb all the steps leading up to the main university area.The was the „goal“ and nothing to drink. Everyone was made to go through a „goal“ where two students were holding a tape marking it (like in a race) and the whole performance was taped.

I somehow managed to return to the residence where,in the dining hall/meeting hall,everyone was greeted with cold tea and sandwiches.

Now I’m lying on my bed and my feet feel as they would be on fire.In conclusion I can say the following:

If you ever get the chance to go on such a trip and you want:

-a nice walk,maybe because you don’t feel as fit as to take up more: choose the shorter one

-blood,sweat and pain,maybe because of a wager or because you want to find out what you can take: choose the longer one

And in retrospective: That was nethertheless somewhat fun. We should totally do this at our university 🙂



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