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Congratulations to…. Dezember 3, 2008

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..my brother Andre‘ for passing his driver’s licence exam.And of course,to all other who finished it today,to!




11/11 Today is…. November 11, 2008

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… the „National Pocky Day“. Seriously. For those of You who don’t already know: Pocky is a manufacturer of sweets,and because 4 of their chocolate-coated sticks lieing next to each other look like 1 1 1 1 the 11th of November was,by this company,declared „Pocky Day“. To those of You,who don’t care or/and are German: Today,starting at exactly 11.11 am  it’s the beginning of Shrove Tuesday so have fun.

To those of You who are Polish: It’s the National Independence Day so here are a few word adressing this:

Szanowni Rodacy (szczegolnie Wy,ktorzy oczymaliscie obywatelstwo Polskie w tym roku),przyjaciele panstwa i narodu Polskiego!

Dzisiaj,gdziekolwiek by to nie bylko,Polacy,ludzie pochodzenia Polskiego i sympatyzanci swietuja zmartwychstanie pansta Polskiego po prawie 200 lat cudzej okupacji i opresji.

Zwrocmy dlatego dzis uwage na wszystkich,ktorzy walczyli,intelektem i doslownie,i ktorzy zlozyli ofiary,jakkolwiek bolesne tez byly,aby umozliwic to wszystko. Miejmy ich ducha i zachowajmy i kultywujmy wszystko co jest pozytywne w naszym dziecictwie narodowym.Miejmy umietnosc aby pokonac przeciwnosci losu przywrocic ducha Jagellonow (=religijna wyrozumialosc i multikulturalizm) ktory uczynil Polske wielka!

Lez dosyc gadania, odemnie tutaj do Polski: Wesolego Dnia Niepodleglosci!


There is no joy without independence

There is no joy without independence


Dear fellow compatriots (especially all of You,who have recieved Polish citizenship this year) friends of the Polish state and nation!

Today, whereever it may be, Poles,people of Polish decent and sympathizer are celebrating the resurrection of Polish statehood after

a period of nearly 200 years of foreign occupation and/or opression.

Today,let us therefore look back on all thoses who fought,intelectually and literally,and made sacrifices,however painful they were,to enable alll this.May we have their spirits and perserve and cherish everything that is positive from our cultural heritage.May we also have the ability to overcome adversity and to bring back the Jagellonian spirit (=religious tolerance and multiculturalism) which made Poland great!

But enought talking,from me here to Poland: Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday! Juli 22, 2008

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This week the reknown Weekly Jump Magazine is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary!

Dear WJ,may You also come to see Your 80th anniversary 😀
With best wishes for the future

Words fail me…. Juni 8, 2008

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Right now,I am feeling shocked and depressed.I’ve just turned on the TV and heared about the tragedy that happened today in Akihabara.
Basically a,(please excuse my choice of words here) 25 year old psycho-asshole drove a van (especially borrowed for that occasion!) into a growd of people in Akihabara (which on weekends is closed-off for motorized vehicles and always crowed…) at about 12.30 pm.Then he got out of the car and began to stab pedestrians randomly with a survival knife while moving towards Akihabara station where he was finally stopped by the police and arrested.
7 people (the youngest beeing just 19 years old) are dead,10 wounded. His reason?

He said that he was sick/tired/bored of living….

I don’t know what to say,words fail me. These people were complete strangers to him.

As Akihabara is only a short walk away from Ueno station and it’s markets I have visited it very often till now,the main reason being,of course,things like electronic dictionaries, a new photo camera or just browsing for the newest electronic gizmos.

I’ve,at least until now,found it to be a neat quarter with a unique,somewhat droll,but overall friendly,secure atmosphere.

Or at least,it used to be.

I would have propaply gone there today if my feet had still carried me so I spend the day in my bed…

I think this guy will most propably be sentenced to death (giving lawmakers the excuse to continue this sinister practice on the whole and to gain more support for it) and executed in several years.But he’s bored by his life and seemingly doesn’t care at all,so killing him would be a kind of favour..for me,it just adds up to the horrible randomness and senselessness of his whole act .

There is no possibility to set anything right for those killed or their relatives.I hope and wish that the latter ones will muster the strenght to go somehow on with their lives….




Interlude Juni 7, 2008

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Today is the day of the so-called annuary „Overnight Walk“ all three of us will participate in.


This is how it goes… Mai 25, 2008

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To be honest,I wanted to finish the article about Sumo this weekend.

It didn’t happen,basically because my computer went offline for unknown reasons yesterday.

 Today I’ve  uploaded some videos/pictures on a.e youtube (check out username: easychan….) and wanted to start writing the articles right after having finished a little bit of reading (for the moment I’m reading among others some comics to,at least,get away from textbook Japanese….) when I realized that my electronic dictionary (denshi jisho) had decided to die on me.Yes,indeed,it’s broken,G*d,am I p*ssed of right now. So I spent the next 2 hours reading reviews for denshi jishos and comparing prices (in Jap.).So,that was basically my day.

The article will therefore have to wait,first I need a new denshi jisho. Probably I will just get the same model,most propably in Akihabara.

Interlude Mai 4, 2008

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Woah,what a week…no,two.

So many things happened I had to take care of,an sucessfully,did,but that kept me from:

1. Blogging

2. Uploading new videos

3. At last taking care of my Polish and German blogs

4. Starting the „About me“ section as well as articles about f.e  about Hanno including videos

Sorry everyone,I promise to catch up as soon as possible (my report on our tour to the onsen (hot springs) is nearly finished) so please stay tuned until then.